About Us

China is the world’s largest manufacturing nation,with offering customers low-price and high-quality products. We strive to invade the world with best of the Chinese electronics, to be a bridge that connects China with every corner of the world!
Although we started as an electronics hub for serving both B2C and B2B customers and chinese suppliers , We are working hard to improve our systems to meet the requirements of the customers and suppliers offering them a trusted partner in China for all their electronic gadget needs.
High quality Goods
ONTY as a well-know cross-border export e-commerce company is backed by abundant funds and supplier resources.
We have the comprehensive quality control, all products are guaranteed to be good quality. ONTY strictly follows the steps of quality control, all products undergo supplier review, arrival inspection, after-sales feedback monitoring , and are tested to strict quality control standards. We ensure all products meet a consistant quality standard.”
Affordable Price
ONTY supported by premium supply chains so we have got advantage and independence in pricing, providing the cost-effecient products with hight quality.This guarantees that our prices are lower than you can find anywhere else on the web.
Top Selected Suppliers
Do not worry about the quality of Chinese electronics and gadgets as we selecte them as our suppliers direct from high quality factories that also produce for the big brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi. In fact, more than 90% of the electronics in the world are produced right here in China! On top of the fact that we work with the best factories, we ONTY have a strong Quality Control team to make sure all the gadgets we send out are in top condition.
Convenient Logistics
ONTY has partnerships with many professional international shipping companies to offer fast and convenient delivery to more than 200 countries. Our Shipping Team ensure that everything is accurately filled in for smooth delivery to any destination. Whether it’s a delivery to New York City or remote Pacific Islands, the ONTY team will make sure the job is done right!
Payment Security
ONTY offers different secure payment methods, from Paypal to Credit card, our risk control system ensures your payment security. ONTY make sure that our payment is safe, secure and convenient.
Professional Service
Besides product quality, we are strongly focused on delivering an excellent service. We ask all the supplier offer you complete before and after sales service. Our polite, professional team of customer support staff is available on live chat and email to answer your enquiry’s within 1 working day. Thanks to our QC engineering team, with in-depth electronics product knowledge, we require all products to be tested before they shipped and random quality inspection of products sold by suppliers. we command all the supplier offer you 3 month warranty or longer on all our electronic products.
Below you can see listed all the services we offer:
One on One Service for Business Customers
Custom Consulting Services for Bulk Orders
Custom After-sales Services
Custom Sourcing of New Electronic Products from China
Quality Control Services
Logistics Services
Purchasing Agency / Payment Agency Services
Consultation Services for Tourist visits to China