As with your notebook, your ONTY is private. However, ONTY has one big difference – it can talk to all the other notebooks in the world.

Infinite Connections

You can’t be browsed; but you can match any part of yourself to someone else. Make yourself selectively searchable. Once matched, communicate freely based on your connection.

Private Sharing

You are your ONTY; you are private and you contain whatever you want. No-one can inspect you. It’s up to you who you are and not the network. Be everything that you are. Not just one version.

Build your story

After logging in you will see the (Me) icon for the first time, just hold over it and after the blue circle has joined, let go to bring up the first menu.

You can add your new thought by clicking on +. Hints from the connected world can be added to yours, or you can add your own for everyone to use.

Search the connected notes

Clicking on the nodes will select them, don't hold too long, or you'll open the editor. Select a few connected nodes, and then bring up the main menu. Choose search, and ONTY will look for matching thoughts from other ONTY users.

Talk with your match

Through the matches you make, you can talk directly to any other user, anonymously. No need to give anything away, other than the fact that you know that you have a connection.